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Lindea wanted a cooling water source added to her diamond grinder. I made the reservoir from an old milk jug and refurbished the saw and grinder unit adding a drain, replacing the tap, glass bead blasting the old parts, painting and reassembling it with new fasteners while I was at it

Today the completed vibrating rock tumbler was installed in Lindea's workshop.

Today the vibrating rock tumbler that I am building for Lindea was finally ready for testing.

It is made with the tub, eccentric weight and suspension assembly from a failed Covington tumbler. The original machine had the electric motor mounted as part of the vibrating mechanism which failed due to vibration. I deemed it to be an idiotic idea to expect an electric motor to survive a suitable lifetime with such continuous harsh vibration.

I have selected the rest of the necessary parts and engineered, manufactured and assembled everything else. Now the motor is mounted on a fixed base free of the vibration of the tub.

The first test run was very noisy with much clattering due to two loose bolts holding the bearing for the upper shaft. Once I took apart the unit, tightened the bolts and reassembled it all worked well. There are a few tweaks to be made, as expected.

Now I'll disassemble the machine, paint the parts, install the switch, put it all back together, run a final test and mount it to the floor of Lindea's workshop.

2 beautiful intricate stone carvings brought back from China in November 2015.

Why do I go rockhounding?

My wife has become a ardent rock hobbyist. Since retiring from her teaching career she has developed a workshop for cleaning, cutting and polishing rocks. In order to be included in her activities it is necessary for me to support her pursuit and learn how to enjoy all aspects of the hobby.